Square Feet: 84. Possessions: 305

Square Feet: 84. Possessions: 305

There are many reasons to live in a small house or tiny house, reasons that are different for everyone, some downsize for financial reasons, while others feel burdened by their 'large life.' This read "Square Feet: 84. Possessions: 305," is an interesting take on why someone would downsize to a tiny house of 84 square foot space.

On occasion, Dee Williams counts the processions in her tiny home, at last count the total amount was 305. This include all of her worldly belongings from her bedroom suit (which includes a mattress and quilt) to her jewelry collection (four pieces in total). She is constantly going through her stuff, deciding what to get rid of, a recent splurge of a house design book was well thought out, as she doesn't have a lot of space in her tiny house, for too much 'stuff'. In an 84 square foot tiny house, life is pared down to the bare essentials. Ten years ago, Williams who is now 51, sold her three bedroom bungalow in Portland, Oregon, and built a tiny house on a metal truck trailer and drove it to Olympia, Washington were she now lives in her friends backyard.

Williams tiny house is too small for a couch, but she has a sleeping loft. The tiny house she lives in has no fridge, a propane one burner stove, lights that run on solar, a sink and toilet, but no shower. Williams was inspired by a trip to Guatemala to downsize, when she saw how little people lived with, she was also feeling consumed by household chores. At forty, she had a heart attack and was told she had a condition that could be fatal, she chose to spend her remaining time not cleaning.

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