Spectacular Offgrid Cabins Offer An Escape from Reality

Spectacular Offgrid Cabins Offer An Escape from Reality

These Spectacular Offgrid Cabins Offer An Escape from Reality and are found everywhere, from the Gulf Islands of British Columbia to Latvia and their bathhouses. The perfect place to seek refuge, these get-away-from-it-all cabins make a perfect wilderness escape. Built with sustainability in mind, each one is solar powered and a stove warms the place in the cooler months. The cabins harvest rainwater with the collection system built into the roof. Part of the cabins overall appeal comes from the western red cedar used as a finishing wood for the siding and shutters. The cabins offer uninterrupted views with their huge floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy the scenery. These summer cabins are shuttered through the winter months to protect from the elements and creatures.

In Latvia, little log cabins are everywhere as the Latvian people have a culture of bathhouses and saunas. The people believe saunas clean the soul just as much as they cleanse the body. These bathhouse rituals and small private pirtis / saunas - are the perfect place to relax! As besoms are made with various wood and medicinal plants like juniper twigs, make sure you breathe in the almost intoxicating besom aromatherapy.

Another reason for an off the grid house is for seasonal adventures or removing yourself from society for a bit like in the witness protection program - where you can be alone and with nature and its healing properties, complete with power and water and maybe even copy the Latvian culture and build one with a sauna!

If you want to live in a tiny house, or build a garage or backyard sauna, check out the link from Tiny House For Us as they feature spectacular off-grid cabins. The know how and the tips and tricks will inspire you to create your own escape from reality, with an eco-friendly haven!

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