Someone Offers To Trade This Log Cabin for Your Current House, Would You Accept?

Someone Offers To Trade This Log Cabin for Your Current House, Would You Accept?

Living in a small log house like this Blockhaus Tauerntal from Tauernblockhaus would be simple living at it's finest. Many people dream of living in a log house someday in their lives, but many don't have the money to afford a large log house. Or, perhaps someone just wants to live smaller, and simplify their lives, or have a log cabin for recreational use. These are all great reasons to look into building small log homes. Tauernblockhaus shows how beautiful small log homes can be, made from all natural materials with a a traditional log home building technique. These building methods have been passed down from generation to generation, eventually being taught to British and French settlers in North America. The Swedish and Scandinavian people where the ones who first brought over their log home building methods to the land of North America. They began building small log homes in the settlements they were making to establish themselves in a new world. Other European people built homes from stone or hand made brick, which was also a great way to build, but the logs provided another sustainable way for house building. Looking at this smaller log house, we can be reminded of how these homes have been built for centuries, some even still continuing to stand strong today.

Back in the days before vehicles and heavy machinery, people would have to cut down their own logs by hand, and then haul them back to their piece of land. Sometimes using horses to help carry the materials back. As you can see in the photos on the Tauernblockhaus website, now, the materials are hauled back to the site using trucks, making it so much more convenient. This particular tractor with a trailer on it is an excellent way to transport the logs to the log home building site. Looking at the photos, it's incredible to see that the tractor and trailer and literally climb hills and make it's way over rocks and boulders with its large, chained up tires. The tractor also has a crane attached to it which allows them to pick up the logs one by one and place them where they need to go. This would prove to be much easier than hauling them by hand. Once at the log home building site, the measuring, cutting and assembly can occur. There is an extreme amount of precision that goes into the building of a log house. In order for the logs to create the best seal, they have to be cut in a way that they will fit snuggly together. This method is called scribing. A drawing tool is used to accurately mark the log so it when it is cut along this line, the bottom of the log will fit onto the top of the log underneath it. The instrument looks like a drawing compass that you would use in geometry, but it is much larger and usually has a level on it. The logs are scribed and cut with a chainsaw one by one until the walls of the home are completed, and the result, as you can see, is gorgeous.

While this log home doesn't have a lot of windows or doors, the few that it does have will provide nice light for the interior of the home. Smaller windows means better insulation as well, which is great for colder winters. There are also shutters, which really help to winterize this log house. So as you can see from this example, small log homes can be a great way to own an all natural, sustainable home. Have a look at all of the photos of this lovely little log house and be inspired by it's beauty.***

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