Some People Are Enjoying the Vacation of Their Dreams Are You?

Some People Are Enjoying the Vacation of Their Dreams Are You?

While living small is not for everyone, most people who choose to live smaller end up loving it. Would You Live Simply In This Micro Cabin? It might be a place that really catches your eye, and makes you long to have a simple life. This is what more people are choosing to do these days in fact. People all over Canada and the United States are ditching their large and spacious conventionally sized houses, for something a little bit more on the simple side. People are making the switch for a variety of reasons. Some do it due to the economy and the sky rocketing prices of real estate, which tends to make owning a house a slim possibility for some. Other people are not very traditional in the first place, and want to do things in a different way. So, they would rather have a smaller home that they own, instead of being in debt to the banks the rest of their life. Then, there are some folks who are doing it for environmental reasons, because living smaller means leaving a smaller carbon foot print on the world, and it is way more economical to have a smaller house as well.

As you can see in the photos over at Tiny House Pins, this house isn't bad at all. It has all of the amenities that a normal house has, like a bathroom, running water, a toilet, a shower, a bedroom, even a little refrigerator for storing food and a little television set. It would be the perfect accommodation for a couple or a single person and would make for a very rustic, down to earth accommodation where you can feel close to nature, but still have modern day comforts that you are used to back at home. There is even air conditioning, and Wifi in the cabins, which would make your stay even more comfortable. Plus, to top it all off, the cabin is situated in Goa, India! This would hardly make it a difficult place to live in or stay in for a little while. Goa is an amazing place to travel, and I absolutely loved staying there for two months when I went. The cabins are located close to a very quiet part of the Goan coast line, called Morjim. This is a beautiful place, steps away from the beach, and by the Chapora River, close to Arambol and Arjuna the two most happening towns on that coast line, with markets where you can buy spices, silks, crystals, jewelry, clothing, and much more.

Goa is a pretty popular place for people from Europe to vacation to. It used to be under Portuguese rule, so it still has a lot of the Portuguese style buildings, around, that you might not see in the other parts of India. India, being the home of Yoga, and where Yoga originated, is where you can find many yoga retreat centres, yoga schools and spiritual healing centres. There is also a very popular night life in Goa, which is home to Goa Trance and there are many Psy Trance rave type parties in this part of India, that attract a wide variety of people. Goa has a deep, spiritual essence and is rich in its own vibrant spiritual culture. The food is amazing, and the people are all so friendly, and very soft in their energy. The cabins are available to rent from Airbnb, which is a fabulous place to rent through. Through Airbnb, you can find places to stay at all around the world, and find ones that are in your budget and price range. These cabins would make a very affordable, and practical place to enjoy a relaxing retreat.

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