Some People Are Building Their Dream Houses – Are You?

Some People Are Building Their Dream Houses – Are You?

This stunning "A Cabin Up North" is the sort of log cabin that dreams are made of. Just one look at this beautiful log cabin, with its stone fireplace, lots of windows and red trim and you're bound to fall in love with it's details.

Couple Randy and Janelle Lang consider themselves northwoods people. Ever since Randy was a young boy, he’s vacationed in northern Wisconsin enjoying the beauty of the dark pine forests reflecting on clear lake waters, and learning the sounds and footprints of the wildlife around him. His experiences and connection with nature never left him. Janelle who grew up in Milwaukee and was no stranger to cabin living up north. So when the two met, they settled in together in Wausau, Wisconsin., which is located in the north central part of the state. Three children and five grandchildren later, both Randy and Janelle were ready to retire from the engineering firm they owned together. They decided it was time to sell their home and a small cabin they had in the North Woods, and build their own year-round retirement cabin a little farther north.

On this site you will find all that log cabin inspiration and ideas that you will need. Some of the things that are on this log cabin site include; cabin lifestyle, fun and games, on the water, pets at the log cabin, wildlife, woods and mountains; community, tales from the log cabin, tell us about your place; DIY and advice, green ideas, safety and security, lake and water quality, maintenance, projects, property and finance; dream cabins, design and style, featured cabins, renovation, small cabins; food and entertaining, entertaining tips and recipes. Some of the log cabin stories you will find on this site include; open air boathouse, an open air boathouse greets arriving visitors to Indian Point Camp, a private home on a remote lake in New York's Adirondacks; remote cabin is a green gem, over the river and through the woods lies a cozy New England hideaway; rustic retreat, welcome to camp Birch Point, a multiple building home or compound in the Adirondack mountains of New York; rustic style building from the past; simple retreats, cabin owners are trending toward working with builders and architects who craft smaller spaces to fit their families' specific needs; small space, great design; stunning and sturdy mountain cabin, Idaho fishing retreat built out of concrete logs and lots more.

Some of the different types of log homes can include; handcrafted, which are typically made of logs that have been peeled, but essentially unchanged from their original appearance as trees; hewn logs, logs that are hewn by an axe to an oval, hexagonal, octagonal or rectangular section; sawn logs, logs that are sawn to a standard width, but with their original heights; milled (also known as machine profiled), made with a log house moulder, made with logs that have been run through a manufacturing process which then converts them into timbers which are consistent in size and appearance.

Handcrafted log houses have been built for centuries in Scandinavia, Russia and Eastern Europe, and were typically built using only an axe and knife. The Scandinavian settlers of New Sweden brought the craft to North America in the early 18th century, where it was quickly adopted by other colonists and Native Americans. Possibly the oldest surviving log house in the United States is the C. A. Nothnagle Log House (circa 1640) in New Jersey.

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