Solar Powered Log Cabin w/Internet & Starbuck’s Coffee is Pure Off Grid Perfection!

Solar Powered Log Cabin w/Internet & Starbuck’s Coffee is Pure Off Grid Perfection!

Ever thought of living off grid? Looking for a nice log cabin with the comforts of city life? Look no further because we have here a little cozy log cabin with a 460 watt solar power system, radio-dish internet and this house is close enough to cell towers for cell phone signal. Wow! This is totally awesome! Love starbucks coffee? Love to be online 24/7? No problem! This cozy solar powered cabin has it all. Who could ask for more?

Sunlight being converted to electricity is called solar power. Photovoltaics or indirectly concentrated solar power is used to convert the sunlight. Concentrated solar power systems are using lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam.

What is living off grid? Living off grid is always confused for hippie havens, rural homes or those places where people grow their own wheat and corn. But it’s not what you think. Technically speaking, the term off grid simply means you are not using grid power. You are somewhat creating your own energy and not using the utility company to achieve this. Horray! No more of these horrible utility bills! What are the pros and cons of living off grid? If you want to escape your horrifying utility bills, then this is the one for you. Going off grid offers completely energy independence; meaning no utility bills and no grid outages. Living off grid can help you learn how to conserve energy. That is actually a good thing isn’t it? To help you keep track of your energy supply, your off grid system will need a charge controller and monitoring equipment. If you use more electricity than you generate, then most probably your system will shut down.

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