Solar 7-up: Solar Phone Charger In A Bottle

Solar 7-up: Solar Phone Charger In A Bottle

A solar phone charger in a bottle? How intriguing for all you DIY people out there. Here is a project you can make on your own. It is very simple and the materials that you will need are not hard to find. What you will need is a glass bottle along with a few other supplies. It is about time to step out of the box and think about putting into motion some concepts that may even benefit you and you need for a cell phone charger. Imagine how handy something like this would be if you were someplace that you could not charge your phone, like on a camping trip where there is no electricity available.

Introducing the solar phone charger out of a used empty bottle. It is amazing how old stuff can bed transformed into a useful device! You can finish this project without too much time or trouble. Soldering is going to be involved, so you might want to get a heads up when it comes to that. If you cant handle a soldering iron, you could ask help from someone who could do it for you. You'll need some copper tape, some solettes, hi-temp glue, a USB cable, lithium battery and some other items that you will learn about in the following article.

This project was the idea of two people who entered it in the Solar Pocket Series. They even launched it as a Kickstarter campaign, which by the way is something that needs a lot of support from all of you out there because their vision and goal are both promising. If you want to be a part of something that is revolutionary, feel free to check this project out and be inspired to recharge your mobile phones using this method.

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