S'mores Ice Cream Bars

S'mores Ice Cream Bars

Ice cream treats are a great way to cool down in the summer, perfect for hot days at the beach. This "S'mores Ice Cream Bars," recipe looks and sounds delicious. Wouldn't you love to have a combination of two of summer's most well loved treats?! I know kids would line up around the block to try these out. These are two of people's favourite things in the summer, a delicious treat of ice cream, like the ones we can get from the ice cream trucks, and then the amazing flavour of the other summer favourite campfire treat, s'mores! These two things would taste so great together. Don't you remember summers growing up as a kid, when you couldn't wait to get your ice cream sandwiches from the ice cream truck? Or to have a campfire at night time, and make s'mores? Both of these things have very strong nostalgia tied to them, and all of the memories that are associated with them. And also so great to be able to make something at home, yourself, rather than having to buy it at the store. You can modify the recipe to your taste, and also, you know what is going into it!

These S'mores ice cream bars combine all the flavors you love from the campfire recipe into an amazing frozen treat. With layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, mini marshmallows on a no bake graham cracker crust. These ice cream bars combine the two best recipes of summer S'mores and ice cream into one summer frozen treat. The bottom layer is a no bake Oreo cookie crust covered with chocolate ice cream and a few S'mores Oreo cookies (they are a limited edition flavour of Oreos and S'mores with a graham cracker cookie and chocolate marshmallow creme filling). Some of the ingredients in these S'mores ice cream bars include: for the Oreo cookie crust, Oreo cookies (or any chocolate creme sandwich cookies crushed with the cream filling, and butter melted; for the frozen ice cream filling, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream and mini marshmallows; and for the topping semi sweet chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. For the full recipe details you'll want to take a look at the recipe site.

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