Smart 'Sun-based' gadgets

Smart 'Sun-based' gadgets

With the rise in popularity of solar power, there are more and more things that are solely run on the power of the sun. Check out these awesome Smart 'Sun-based' gadgets on Webecoist, for the latest in solar gadgetry. Most often when you think of solar power, you think of something that is powered by the sun's light, through a special panel. These panels use tiny little photovoltaic cells to harness the sun's light and then transfer it into power that can be stored in a battery pack to be used when you need it. Although this is not the only way to harness the sun's light and use it as power.

These contraptions that have been invented that are shared with us on Webecoist, use other means of reflecting and absorbing the sun's light and heat for various purposes that would be useful to the common person. For example, the mini sunflower heliosta, that is basically a grouping of mirrors that is cut to form the shape of a flower with a domed mirror in the centre. The sunflower heliosta, catches the sun's light in it's mirrors and then reflects it onto the surface of your choice. For example, if you wanted more light in a dark room, you could reflect the light using the heliosta, to bring more light into the room. Or melt ice on a walk way.

There is also a larger scale version of this heliosta, in Australia, that helps to reflect the sunlight away from the building use it for heat and light, this one also becomes a light feature at night! There are some really amazing solar gadgets in this article, solar ovens and grills, solar engravers, so that you can do wood burning with the power of the sun. Learn more about these innovative designs! Head over to 'Webecoist' by following the link in the section below for more!

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