Small Log Houses

Small Log Houses

Small log houses can be very charming and cozy. The can be inexpensive to build and environmentally friendly. They can make a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Providing a warm and calming environment. They are very charming looking and blend nicely into a natural setting. Because the homes are small they are eco-friendly as they do not use a large amount of resources. And they can be even more eco-friendly if you choose a source that uses logs from a forest that is managed in a sustainable way. The homes can be placed in forests settings and do not require a large amount of land to be cleared. The size and the insulating properties of the logs makes the homes easy to heat.

There are many kits available which come with all the materials necessary to build a small log house. It is a good option for people who want to build themselves without hiring anyone to do the labor. And even if you do want to hire someone to build it for you, the labor will be inexpensive because of the size and they are easy to put together. The two types of log homes are handcrafted and milled. The handcrafted homes are more unique and can be tailored to the individual, but they are more expensive to build and require more labor. Milled log homes take less time to build due to the fact that a lot of the work is done before it arrives at the permanent property and is done by machine. Some people are even choosing to live in small log homes as a permanent residence. It keeps their cost of living down and they are easy to maintain. Building a small log home is a great option for anyone. Whether you want an escape from the city, an easy to maintain residence, a custom made home or a home you can build yourself.

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