Small Log Cabin Plans... Storybook Style!

Small Log Cabin Plans... Storybook Style!

The simple life... What does this actually mean to you? A peaceful life to enjoy your retirement? No matter what your answers are, living in a cozy small cabin nestled in a perfect place especially in woods is most people's dream. These places are enchanting, quaint, rugged and picturesque, all words that well describe these small log cabins... that have a sweet storybook style! Log cabins just give you that feeling of being cozy and relaxed. Whether you are staying in a log cabin for a vacation, or if you own one of your own, people can agree that they are among the best places to have a relaxing vacation. This particular cabin belonged to Jack Hana, the wildlife expert. He built this cabin as a memory of the Appalachian cabins he would see while at his dad's farm in Tennessee. Jack's cabin was built by Snow Country Construction a local log and timer building company. They did such a beautiful job of this amazing cabin, and it looks like such a beautiful place to visit.

Log building always demands a lot of patience, it is a physically demanding work to undertake. And even for a modern builder, it also entails learning some new abilities. If you are looking for ideas on your own log cabin, you will see some wonderful ideas in the photographs in Standout - Cabin- website. This beautiful story book like cabin looks gorgeous in it's picture perfect surroundings. The logs are western white pine, and they are perfectly crafted in Montana. It is 720 square feet in total, with one and a half stories. The living room and kitchen area are in an open concept arrangement, and would be wonderful to host guests in, as well as for functional daily use. There is one bedroom area, which is located in the loft area of the cabin, and the full bathroom is located on the ground floor. The fireplace in the living room would be the perfect place to gather in the cold winter months, and the lovely claw foot tub they installed is perfect for the look and feel of the home.

Even though a cabin is a small space if designed with thought and planning, you can actually maximize the space. Logs and stones go perfectly with enchanting stone fireplaces. Lofts allow for great sleeping areas, while soaring ceilings make a space feel much larger than it actually is. Roof with dormers, porches with log railings all become an integral part in creating a unique and interesting small log cabin. So, why do some people prefer small log cabins than the usual conventional homes? For some reasons, log homes last longer than conventional homes. It can withstand mother natures wrath and they are very energy efficient. According to Mike Gingras, owner of Seven North Log Homes in Vermont; Today, we can build a log and timber home to be 15 to 20 percent more energy efficient than a conventional home. Energy efficient in a sense that logs are natural insulators, therefore they help maintain the temperatures than conventional homes do. They are also known to have a water resistant barrier on the outside as well, so that no water can leak into the house and so that mold doesn't end up infesting the house. These are actually just few of the reasons why a lot of buyers solely plan and purchase log cabin homes. Aside from that it comes from different art-forms, its the unique masterpiece that truly stands out.

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