Small Houses Go Big-Time

Small Houses Go Big-Time

Small houses and tiny houses are more popular than ever before, with many people making the choice to downsize their lives, and live more simply. "Small Houses Go Big-Time," is an interesting read, on the tiny house movement that is here to stay.

In the last thirty years, houses in the West have gotten bigger, but hopefully with the shift in many people's attitudes, the tiny house movement will change that. There are many people who have a lot of space they are not using, space that costs money to heat and cool. The question is how small are people willing to go? A bit of research on the internet will prove that some of us can get by, with next to no space, in tiny houses and small houses ranging in size from 96 square feet to 600 square feet on average. There seems to be a shift in people attitudes towards small living, tiny houses, and small houses. When people actually make the shift to small house living, they can save thousands every year.

Downsizing from a larger home into a tiny house or small house, can save money on housing prices and energy cost. We need to develop cities more densely, so farmland is spared. We are seeing smaller families and an increase in empty nest baby boomers, so people are rethinking how much space they really need. By living in a tiny house, small house, yurt, cob cottage, beach shack, tiny prefab house, tiny prefab cabin, RV, small straw bale house, motorhome, shipping container home or gingerbread cottage, you can live a life that is more sustainable, a life where you are doing more of the things you enjoy, and spending less time working to pay off a large mortgage and all the stuff to fill that large space.

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