Sky's The Limit With These Log Home Builders

Sky's The Limit With These Log Home Builders

Big Twig Homes are the builders of this amazing Katahdin Cedar Log Home. The company offers a large choice of homes where anything is possible. With over 500 designs and custom designs, they can do what you want to do.

You can choose a high-end custom home, you can choose a cabin that is modest in price and energy efficient. Katahdin has been in operation since 1973 providing cedar homes throughout Maine. They have access to top-notch materials, and their experience translates to providing time-tested experience and knowledge in your project. They are leaders in the industry and have happy customers living in their homes that will back that up.

Looking to build that log home? The company states that their northern white cedar protects your home's interior against the elements, hot or cold better than pine longs. They say cedar has less cracking, splitting, shrinkage, setting, air seepage and rot in your finished home.

Because the company had so many floor plans available you can start your process browsing the website and get a feel for what you want to do with your own home. The company is well aware of the costs involved in building your home, and they want to assist you through the process understanding what their team of professionals will provide. They also have some special offers that you can discuss.

The picture of the house you see with this article is a sampling of the beautiful product you can expect and because they have a great website, filled with all types of great information, finished homes and floorplans, it is a great resource.

Please visit the 'Big Twig Homes' website now and learn more.

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