Simple Living in Tiny Cabin with Bedroom & Porch

Simple Living in Tiny Cabin with Bedroom & Porch

Living in the big city may have its benefits, but you also wouldn't want to miss experiencing simple living in a tiny cabin with bedroom & porch.

The cabin you see here may look very cookie cutter and simple from the outside, but unlike other tiny homes or cottages, this one comes with a moderately spacious porch that can accommodate up to two porch seats or a small porch furniture set and a modest living room area. This cottage, which may be rented for a time through Blue Moon Rising, features a small bedroom with a queen sized bed, a dining area for two, a full bathroom with a bathtub, and a modest, yet complete, kitchen.

Although small, this cottage may look spacious from within because of its wide, clear windows that allow natural light to dominate the whole living area. If you need to do any work in the morning, all you have to do is to open the windows, and voila, natural light abounds.

This cottage for rent is perfect for your camping trips and summer getaway. If you have some writing to do, some studying to concentrate on, or a need to simply get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Moonshadow cottage-- and yes, it has a name-- makes for the perfect home away from home.

If there's anything one should know about tiny homes, it's that they should never be underestimated because of their size. The Moonshadow cottage is stunning, inside and out, and while it is small, it is a comfortable cottage to spend a week or two in. This cottage, which has reviews live on TripAdvisor, boasts a 4.5 approval rate based on 15 travel reviews.

Positive experiences have dominated its TripAdvisor page, further fueling the fact that the Moonshadow cottage is indeed worth a visit.

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