Shrink Your Footprint: 10 Little Examples of Tiny Houses

Shrink Your Footprint: 10 Little Examples of Tiny Houses

People build or buy tinier houses not just to save money, but to reduce their carbon foot print and and live in a space that is more eco conscious. Shrink Your Footprint: 10 Little Examples of Tiny Houses to inspire you! The tiny house movement is all about reducing the amount of space we take up, as well as the amount of waste and energy resources we use. When you live in a large house, there is so much area to heat, and many rooms to light up, when you are using conventional electricity, you are using up precious resources at the same time.

These are all beautiful examples of tiny houses that shrink your footprint on the environment. Looking through these homes will give you some inspiration to maybe downsize yourself! Some wouldn't even be that big of a transition, depending on how big your house is now. Like the Tiny Texas Houses, a company that builds homes from recycled and reclaimed materials, this is also another great way to reduce waste on the planet, by recycling it into something new and useful, instead of it all going into the landfill and just piling up on other heaps of garbage.

There is a really neat one that is featured in the photo with this article, the egg shaped house that is like a little sleeping pod, with installed shelves and all. Or the amazingly tiny houses in cities, like the one in London that was build to block people from going into a city graveyard. Or the super tiny home in Tokyo, Japan, that is only 10 feet long! I love the idea of a rental property in your back yard, or using it for guests when they visit, or to provide affordable housing for people in larger cities! To get some more inspiration and see all 10 tiny houses, head over to 'Web Urbanist' by clicking the link in the description below!

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