Showstopper! Read our Review of the Gorgeous Clearwater Log House

Showstopper! Read our Review of the Gorgeous Clearwater Log House

Here's an An Exterior photo of the Custom Clearwater Log Home from the Tradesmen Series from Coventry Log Homes building company. The Clearwater log house model shows us just how beautiful houses built from log home kits can be and, it is their most popular model which many of their other models are built after. Log home building packages are a wonderful way for people to build the log house of their dreams while keeping their budget in mind. This log house would certainly have a beautiful view especially if it were built up on a hill or mountain side. The breathtaking vistas could be viewed from the awesome large deck and the many windows throughout the house. Especially the top floor windows which are added in to the dormers of the house, which are most likely the bedrooms. Plenty of natural light entering into the house will keep electricity bills to a minimum while lighting and heating the house.

In the 1,586 square feet of space in this log home, there are three nicely sized bedrooms with two and half bathrooms, making it spacious enough for a family of four or five people. The complete log home building package which includes everything from the floor system, the roof system, the walls, windows and doors for the log home comes in at a price of $91,000 for the 8x8 Complete Package. The complete log house construction package is the most popular kit ordered through Coventry Log Homes. They also have other log home package deals available to their customers. The customer can order only the logs for this log home model for only $45,300 or the Shell package with is $73,750. So there are a variety of options that the company offers as far as packages go. They also offer different log profiles for the log home build. The D-Log, which is flat on the inside and round on the outside, the Round log which is round on both sides, the Chinked logs which are more of a square shape and the Clapboard which are flat pieces of wood that interlock together.

The log home is in the Tradesman Series of log homes in their collection where you will find other homes like the Ascutney, or the Hillside log home models. All of their log home building packages have great floor plans, with open concept spaces in the main areas of the homes. The kitchen in the Clearwater is planned out to be a great size, perfect for cooking all of the family meals in, and the dining room is just steps away as well. The living room is the main gathering place of the log home, with enough room for all of the most comfortable furniture and a fire place to cozy up to on cold nights. The master bedroom is tucked in privacy behind the stairs to the upper level giving it adequate privacy. Then, the other two smaller bedrooms are on the upper level with a shared full bathroom and a loft overlooking the down stairs area. There are a wide variety of log houses and cabins on their website, to browse through, even if you are not looking to build a log home, it can always be fun and inspiring to look. Log homes are a classic in residential and rural architecture and their style never seems to grow old or go out of style. Building a log home can be a wonderful investment for the entire family giving them a place to call home for so many years to come. So have a look at this beautiful cabin and others on the Coventry Log Homes Facebook page.***

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