She Carves a Hole in an Apple. When We See Why? So Clever

She Carves a Hole in an Apple. When We See Why? So Clever

If you are looking for a fun recipe to try out than this is the recipe for you! She Carves a Hole in an Apple. When We See Why? So Clever! This YouTube video comes to us from Cooking with Karma's YouTube Channel, where she shares tons of awesome kids recipes, dessert recipes, food challenges, baking recipes, and more! This great video shows Karma digging a small hole into an apple. Now most people would totally think why would she do that to a perfectly good apple? But you will learn why when you see the dessert recipe video on her channel and when you read more of this article. Apples are some of the most beloved foods in the world. They grow in different places on Earth and there are so many varieties of them with different names and flavours. In the past, there were even more spices of apples than there even are today. Only one hundred years ago there were even more than we have today if you can imagine, but there are still 7, 500 varieties of this sweet fruit grown all over the world!

Apples are wonderful for making snack recipes as well as making dessert recipes as well. There are even dinner recipes that you can use apples in, for example, pork recipes sometimes use apples to compliment the flavour of the meat. Sometimes recipes use apples when they smoke meat, to give it that nice sweet flavour. When using apples in a sweet recipe, it is important to use the right kind of apple in your recipe. If you use far too sweet of an apple in your recipe, the flavours will be much too intense. So, for this recipe, you can see that she uses a green coloured apple, which would probably be a Granny Smith apple or something similar. Granny Smith apples have that super tart flavour to them, which makes them perfect for pairing with a lot of sugar or sweetness. Granny Smith apples are also used most of the time for apple pie recipes or apple crumble recipes as it is always so important to balance out the flavour.

Apples are also awesome to eat on their own, even if you don't cook them up. They are to perfect snack to bring along on a hike, or on a road trip for that little pick me up snack food to eat when you need something quick and easy. Just bite right in and you have a perfect mid meal treat! A popular recipe people like to enjoy apples in is Candied Apples, which is the recipe that is featured in this awesome video. Mostly you see candied apples at fairs or carnivals and amusement parks, sometimes people make them for Halloween to, as she shows here, but you can make this delicious recipe any time of year just for fun! Through her recipe tutorial on YouTube, you can watch and follow along with the recipe as she makes it. This makes it really practical and easy for you to copy her steps at home. She makes a super gooey sugar mixture out of just sugar, water and corn syrup, and adds in all of the fun colours that make the sugar coating perfect for Halloween. You can make them any colour though! The process is super easy and very fast, you could make this whole recipe in around an hour or under an hour. Make sure you watch the full video before you make this recipe, she has some good cooking tips throughout the video. Wouldn't this recipe be perfect to make for a kids or even an adult party?! Everyone would just love them and eat them up happily! Try out making your very own candied apples soon!

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