Settler Log Cabin from $13,000 Click for Floor Plans & Photos

Settler Log Cabin from $13,000 Click for Floor Plans & Photos

It can't be denied how amazing log homes and cabins truly are, and how much they have to offer as durable, and efficient structures. Have a look at this beautiful Single Wide Settler Log Cabin, from Shawnee Structures. This beautiful Settler Log Home, is a beautiful log home kit made to order off of their website and it comes to you ready to be assembled. This is a great, simple cabin that would be great for a single person, or a couple, or maybe even a smaller family with one or two children. It has a similar look to many of the homes that the settlers would have built when they first came to North America, or the long houses that the Native Americans and Canadians would build.

This particular home has a few different options as far as size and price. The most affordable one starts out at 13 feet by 30 feet, costing around $33, 100, and this option would get you a smaller cabin, which has one bedroom and one bathroom, with kitchen and living room space. There are also other cabins ranging in size and price in between, but largest version of the Single Wide Settler, has two bedrooms and one bathroom , and more living room and kitchen space, as well as a great porch on the front of the house. The largest one measures 15 feet by 52 feet, with a base price of around $24,900. This lovely little cabin, could be the perfect vacation cabin. You don't need anything elaborate for a cabin, just a cozy and sweet cabin with the basic amenities like a bed, bathroom and kitchen. This could be great for a permanent residence too, depending on how small or large you want your home to be.

Did you know that log cabins and homes have been made since ancient times? People have been building structures out of logs for centuries, and it has stayed with us as humans all throughout these years. People have passed down their log home building skills from generation to generation, and now we have come to love log homes as one of the most reliable, strong and efficient ways to build. They have become a staple to the American and Canadian culture, and they were what the people who first came over from Europe built and lived in. Trees have long been held sacred for all they provide for us on Earth. Not only are they absolutely beautiful, they also provide shelter in forests for animals, food oftentimes as well, and they clean our air and help regulate temperatures on Earth. Think of how boring our world would be without trees! Then, people use them for houses, tools, dishes, and furniture, for art as well. So we really owe a lot to trees.

Mostly all companies who sell prefabricated home kits, like Shawnee Structures, must source their materials from sustainable tree plantations, where trees are grown specifically for their use in these structures, so that ancient forests are not being torn down. Shawnee Structures is a wonderful supplier of log home kits and has many different log cabins and log homes to choose from, so it is really worth taking a look at them all. Even if it is just for inspiration! Shawnee Structures is based out of Pennsylvania and caters to the east coast of America. You will see on their great website that they offer a wonderful variety of beautiful log cabins to suit anyone's needs. From cabins that are suited for single occupancy, to large family dwellings, they really have it all!

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