Serenity At A Small Cabin Near The Mountains

Serenity At A Small Cabin Near The Mountains

This photo gives you the sense of serenity at a small cabin near the mountains. Photographer, Gordon Gregory, captured this private tiny cabin at dusk in the Gallatin Valley, close to Bozeman, Montana. The photo shows the Ross Peak in the Bridger Mountains rising behind it. The small cabin has a large front porch where the tiny cabin owner has set up a table and chairs enjoy some fresh air dining and relaxing. Outside there is also an outdoor shower in the back that has beautiful views of the mountain range behind. The photographer had to plan carefully to capture this twilight photo as the moment is always fleeting. Photographing at just the right time of day, gives this small cabin photo just the right light to showcase and create the warm glow coming from inside, a sort of end of the day feeling. There is a nice contrast from the light coming from inside the small cabin, with the outdoor light that is soft and subdued. The small cabin reflection on the water in the foreground gives this small cabin photo more ambiance.

This stunning mountain property is located on the East Gallatin River, where the small cabin owner is fortunate enough to enjoy fishing right off his front door. The small cabin was designed by Swaback Partners of Scottsdale, Arizona and then built by Yellowstone Traditions of Bozeman. The small cabin is made of reclaimed timber from an old barn. So this lovely tiny log cabin might only be ten years old, it has the look and feel of a 100-year-old tiny cabin. The two best times of day to capture breathtaking photographs like this mountain small cabin are dawn and dusk. Known as the golden hour in photography, it is the time just shortly after sunrise, and just before sunrise. They are the times of day when the sun is closest to the horizon, so the light isn't so direct. Taking photos at these two times of day, softens the intensity of direct light and lessens the contrast in a photo.

It's easy to dream of owning a small cabin just like the one in the photograph. Imagine waking up every morning to that mountain view? Not to mention getting to fish right off your porch, it's every fishermen's dream, I'm sure. Log cabins have been around for centuries, and while there are many different sizes of log cabins to choose from, along with a variety of designs, plans, and styles. The small cabin still for many is all that is needed to enjoy some time away in a location close to nature. This small cabin is a good example of this because as much as we are looking at, and admiring the beauty of the tiny cabin itself, with its reclaimed logs, and covered back porch. Even more, we are looking at the stunning backdrop for where it sits. Because when it comes right down to it, a small cabin is only as good as the location, the two go hand in hand to spending time away and getting outdoors into some fresh air.

This excellent log cabin living site is where you can find lots of small cabins from all over the country to keep you inspired. Once you take a look at some of the small cabin stories on the site, you are sure to start dreaming of a tiny cabin of your own. There are lots of great stories of small cabins from plenty of other stunning locations just like the one in the photo. What would be your ultimate small cabin location? Would you like to be beside the mountains, a lake or in the country side?

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