See Why This Unassuming $67,850 Cabin Was Featured in 'Log Homes Illustrated' Magazine

See Why This Unassuming $67,850 Cabin Was Featured in 'Log Homes Illustrated' Magazine

This cape style Coventry $67,850 has a two-sided wrap around country porch which provides the perfect outdoor living space to this beautiful log home kits. The Pinedale log home kits offer plenty of space to stay comfortably, whether it be used as a vacation home or for full-time living. This log home kits has 1,296 square feet of living space with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a loft space. Downstairs there is an open concept living room and kitchen, with a bathroom and two bedrooms. Upstairs is the master bedroom, bathroom and a loft space. The open concept area below has a cathedral ceiling which opens up the space. The Pinedale log home kits are part of the Tradesman Series of log home kits which offer classic log home designs with the look everyone dreams of for log homes at a very affordable price.

Choosing to build a log home from log home kits is an option that is good for both you and the environment. Log home kits have all the work done for you so that when it comes time to build you know exactly the log home you will be getting. "Coventry Log Homes" is a log home company that uses green practices. Their log home kits and products are all natural and do no contain any harmful toxins. They work only with local loggers who manage the natural resources they use responsibly. "Coventry Log Homes" also recycles all the excess wood that is used in the manufacturing of their log home kits for sale. They create wood shavings for local farmers leftover from the log home kits manufacturing process. "Coventry Log Homes" heat all of their factory buildings with the log end from manufacturing, and they give residents free wood to help heat their homes. The use of more wood for construction and log home kits for sale is an easy and natural way to make a difference for the environment. Wood and log home kits for sale help to reduce the greenhouse gasses and help to store carbons. A healthy forest that is sustainable is a readily available solution to climate change. On average, an acre of healthy growing trees can absorb almost three tons of carbon dioxide and release up to 2 tons of oxygen. Living in a log home kit that is built from the natural building material of wood is also better for your health, as long as the wood is not treated with anything toxic.

The Pinedale log home kits are just one of the log home kits for sale from "Coventry Log Homes." This family run log home business has over twenty years of experience selling log home kits. They have five series of log home designs to choose from, with over 60 models of log home kits. The five series of log homes to choose from include the Craftsman Series of log home kits, which is the premiere series of log homes that are distinguished by the expose architectural post and beam style of roofs and loft systems. The Tradesman Series of log home kits is classic log home designs that offer the look that everyone dreams about at very affordable prices. The Cabin Series of log home kits have a rustic charm like knotty pine cabin grade logs that are used in this log home series. The Recreational Series of log home kits use convenient four by 8 logs for affordability. The Timber Frame Series of log home kits combine post and beam construction with high R-value pre-cut SIP panels. With so many log home kits for sale, there is something for every lifestyle and need. *

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