See Why This Log House Received a Five-Star plus Energy Rating

See Why This Log House Received a Five-Star plus Energy Rating

One couple builds a dream cabin in New England with all the comforts of home. Kym Smith and Wayne Carpenter built their beautiful log cabin in 2011, after purchasing seven acres on a dead-end road that had potential views of the surrounding New Hamshire Sunapee ski area. Initially, they were just planning to purchase a property where they could eventually retire. But after the property purchase, they realized they wanted to live their right away full time, and because they had always wanted a log home, it is then they decided to build one.

Fast forward to the present, and their log home being completed for a few years, and they are proud of the energy efficiency their new log home has been getting. Over the past winter, the area was hit with record snowfalls and cold, frigid temperatures. But the couple stayed comfortable in their log cabin all season burning just one cord of wood and using their radiant floor heat.It's been said that log cabins can never get a good energy rating, but the couples log home built by Andy Kapchensky, of AK Construction in Lempster, New Hampshire, was given a Five-Star Plus Energy Rating through the United States Environmental Protection Agencys Energy Star program.

After the couple had the land cleared, they bought an Ascutney log cabin model from Coventry Log Homes, a log home manufacturer based in Woodsville, New Hampshire. The couple worked with the Coventrys design staff to make a some modifications to the stock log home floor plan. They added more windows, expanded the log home kitchen and opened up the log floor plan. And since they knew they would be living there full time, they knew they wanted it to be as energy efficient as they could get it. All of Coventry Log Homes materials are eligible to be five-star rated. Their logs are pre-cut, lettered and numbered at the log home factory and then taken to the log home building site to be stacked into exterior walls. The log home builder faced the log home south for maximum sunlight and built the log home in six months. A deep open deck in the front of the log home and sides is perfect for entertaining. The couple loves to hike, cross country ski, snowshoe, and walk their dogs in the nearby woods. The log home is a dream come true for the couple. They not only got a log cabin that was beautiful to live in, but one that is energy efficient and cozy too.

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