See Why This Log Bungalow Is Ideal for the Kids (Click to View Floor Plan)

See Why This Log Bungalow Is Ideal for the Kids (Click to View Floor Plan)

A sweet and simple home is just a mouse click away with these 1636 Sqft Estella Home Plans Click to View Floor Plans. In our fast paced world, we must get things done in a little bit of a different way then people used to in the old days. When you wanted to build a home in the past, there was so much work to go through on the client's behalf. Catalogues to look at, places to drive to see the buildings in person, show homes to view and so on. But now, with the internet, we have so many great log home floor plans all at our fingertips and with just a quick search you will be able to see just how many log home plans are available. Now, there are even log homes that don't really even resemble a typical log home, but that look more like a modern conventional home with siding. That is what the Estella log home model is the perfect example of and you can see the floor plans of it right on the House UK website!

Many people are beginning to look for different and unique options when it comes to building homes from logs. While many people love the function and the high quality of logs as building materials, they just want to have the look of a contemporary house with siding. Yet they still want to be able to reap the benefits of owning a log home. Logs are undeniably one of the most environmentally friendly, health-conscious choices when it comes to building materials. They have so many wonderful qualities that make them so desirable, for instance, logs are able to purify the air within the home making it allergy and toxin free which is very beneficial for the people living within the home. Living in a log home has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in the inhabitants because the logs are naturally relaxing to be around, just like the relaxation that we find in sitting in the forest. This can help to reduce people's blood pressure, as well as help them sleep better at night as well. Logs also have great insulation properties built right into them. The thermal mass of a log built home far exceeds any conventional man made type of building therefore logs are a very economical choice as well.

You won't believe that the Estella home is actually made from logs, but it truly is. The Estella is a bungalow, and it looks like any other house in a city or town, very stylish and quite modern in fact. The total area in the floor plan of the home is 152 m2 which converts out to be 1636 square feet in total. So this type of home would be like your average family style home, and could even work wonderfully as a starter home or as a recreational home as well. The single story home has two bedrooms, both of a very good size, with two bathrooms to accommodate everyone in the household. The kitchen is very accessible and user friendly the way it has been planned out in this layout, but it can always be customized to suit the individual's needs as well. The living room space looks to be a great size as well with more than enough room for a sofa and some chairs, and a television and entertainment system. There are three terraces on this home as well, making it easy to spend a lot of time outside while still enjoying the comforts of home. Make sure that you have a look at this lovely log built home from House UK, and check out the many other modern log homes on their website for more ideas and log home inspiration. All of their homes can be ordered world wide as well.

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