See Why This House Is the Perfect Place for Writers Searching for Inspiration

See Why This House Is the Perfect Place for Writers Searching for Inspiration

The Library House in the Redwoods is a lovely log cabin writer's retreat center that is surrounded by Redwoods with an ocean view. Their week-long writer's retreats offer a great escape for writers who are looking to develop their writing in a beautiful, creative forest setting.The Library House writers log cabin is on the Wellstone Center premises. It is a newly renovated log cabin that is a bit more remote from the main house. The log cabin retreat has no running water or electricity. It is a nice spot for a couple or someone who is looking to stay in nature. You will be amazed at the ocean views that can be seen from the front porch of the log cabin. The log cabin is in a quiet spot. There are lots of books inside the log cabin that have been carefully selected. They also provide a propane heater just in case it gets cold. You will also have an antique wash bowl with a pitcher to use for brushing your teeth and washing your face.

The Library House log cabin often hosts the writer-in-residence every one of three months. It is a lovely environment; that is free of distractions offering a good place for people that need to focus on their creative writing. Their week-long writers retreats are a great way to help cure writer's block. The Wellstone Center in the Redwoods is a place that offers people who are seeking peacefulness and tranquility, the perfect spot to spend a some time, whether it is a weekend, a week or two. They are close enough to enjoy all that California has to offer. The area has luscious fauna and flora, and an inspiring atmosphere where you can experience the beautiful redwoods and the stunning ocean that is only a short drive or bike ride away. You will want to take a look at the gallery of this idyllic log cabin space, and the Wellstone Center that it sits on, everything about it is beautiful. With lots of wood, stonework everywhere. A pool to use, amazing views of the trees and ocean. It does have everything you need to be inspired. You want to take a look! There are goats! Yes, goats. And even a lemon tree.

The house rules for this serene log cabin space share a glimpse of what the intention and feel of this log cabin is. Located at the top of Amigo Road, you realize how special this log cabin is. There is so much beauty that surrounds this log cabin. With the trees, hawks, hummingbirds, and lush plants. They ask that you treat their premises, especially the fauna and flora with respect and gentleness. They ask that people refrain from using their cell phones, computers, or turning up the music. You can use your laptop in the designated area that is located in the living room, or in your room. They would like it if you left your cell phone in your room, or not use it in the kitchen and while you are outdoors.

You have to remember that this is a writers retreat, a place where people go to be inspired and focus. So technology is undoubtedly a distraction. They like to provide a mostly digital free environment. They also ask that people who are wanting to have parties not to make the Wellness Center their choice of stay. They want to encourage people who like being outdoors, eating healthy food, hiking, and fresh air, along with living a balanced life to stay at their retreat. Which makes sense, again it is a place where you want to go with a clear mind and no loud noise. This log cabin location is pure bliss! This log cabin is available to rent on AirBnb.

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