See How Reusing a Pile of Castoff Trunks Made This Cabin Truly Unique

See How Reusing a Pile of Castoff Trunks Made This Cabin Truly Unique

The tiny house known simply as the "Trunk House" is located about a two hour drive from Melbourne, Australia. The tiny house is named for the stringboard tree trunks that encircle it, and support the roof.

This unique tiny cabin stands in the Australian bush, and the stringboard tree trunks used in the building of this cabin were the castoffs of logging operations, pieces left behind in the surrounding woods due to the limited commercial value of forked trees. However when the Melbourne based Paul Morgan Architects realized that it was possible to utilize the natural strength of the Y shaped trunks by joining them to create what is effectively a large triangulated truss, they put them to good use. The trunks blend in perfectly with the tiny cabin, and compliment the light both the exterior wood and the interior exposed beams, and wood that can be seen through the use of lots of windows in the tiny house build. The tree trunks were carefully fitted together at their tops and connected by hidden fasteners, giving the appearance of a single continuous piece of wood zig zagging around the tiny cabin.

On this small house site you will find tiny houses of all kinds, from Victorian gingerbread cottages to minimalist Japanese houses, rustic cabins to modernist models of efficiency, hand crafted cob cottages to factory built prefabs and new designs to clever adaptive reuses of existing buildings. Small House Bliss features small vacation houses, Arts and Crafts bungalows, shotgun houses, accessory dwelling units, converted shipping container homes, beach shacks and more. This site is captivated by small houses. Somehow they seem just right. Small houses evoke a feeling of comfort and security that larger houses often lack. Small homes have the ability to shelter us while consuming fewer resources and demanding less of our time for maintenance and cleaning. Tiny houses are both space and energy efficient. On this small living site you will find small house designs with big impact. You will find all sorts of tiny house designs, ideas and inspirations. You will be amazed at some of the tiny house designs you will find on this site, some of which include tiny sod roofed house in Demark, a grandmothers modern backyard cottage, the Birdhouse a tall and skinny tiny house, tiny house in a Pasadena bungalow court, tiny cottage on the Oregon coast, Pye's Beach house, the brick house, Hillsborough River dock house, a storybook cob cottage, a garden cottage on the river, Artwood Cottage and many more.

Tiny houses are less expensive to live in than larger ones in terms of taxes, building costs, heating, maintenance, and repair costs. In addition to being less expensive, tiny houses may also encourage a less cluttered, simpler lifestyle and reduce the ecological impacts of those who live in them. Typically the size of a tiny home rarely exceeds 500 square feet. Most tiny houses on wheels are less than 8ft by 20ft, with a total living space of about 120 square feet or less, this is due to ease of towing and to exempt it from the need for a building permit. Tiny houses may emphasize design over size, utilizing dual purpose features and multi-functional furniture which double as storage, and incorporate technological advances of space saving equipment and appliances. Vertical space is also used and is a common feature of small houses.

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