See How a 100-Year-Old Mill Was Turned into a Lovely Home

See How a 100-Year-Old Mill Was Turned into a Lovely Home

Log homes and cabins evoke a kind of nostalgia to most people, and they tend to remind us of a simpler time. If you have a soft spot in your heart for these beautiful structures, than you will love to see Beautiful Old Log Home on the Grounds of Cooks Old Mill in Greenville, WV. Log homes have been made since even before the Europeans started to settle the in North America. It was the Swedish people that brought the log home building concept to North America and the people back then made use of the materials they could find in their immediate environment and usually practiced a conscious and mindful approach to all the things they did. But, even before they came to North America, different Native tribes all across the nation were also using logs as a material to build their homes, community buildings and even for making totem poles, tipis, and canoes.

This beautiful rustic log home is an example of a very old log home that has stood the test of time, perhaps it has been there for 100 years, or maybe it was made with reclaimed and recycled materials. The logs are a perfect sustainable material to use when building a home, they are so durable, and have many different protective layers that will be able to stand up to any weather. This is what makes them so great for using as building materials. The layers of the logs also hold within them, an insulation layer, that is very good for keeping the warmth inside the house. Logs have a very high thermal mass, meaning they can hold in a lot of heat.

The stone in this log home, also is a great material to build with, and stone houses have been known to last many many years! The chimney is built out of the stone on this house, and this helps to hold in some of the heat from the fire, as the stones are able to radiate heat off of them after the fire is out. Have you ever noticed how warm stones stay after they have been heated? So this house really has it all in a nice small little package! It really looks like one of the ones you would find in the old days of the settlers first coming to build homes on the land in North America. So beautiful!

Living in a log home gives you the true sense that you are connected to nature. A lot more so than you would living in the city surrounded by honking horns and sirens. In a house make up of man made materials, usually treated with chemicals. Wood is ultimately a better building material for the homes we live in and it carries so many benefits with it. The logs can act as a natural air purifier, helping to cleanse the air before it enters your home. Cleaning out some of the toxic chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis that are floating around in the air. Log homes are becoming more desirable and there are so many wonderful reasons to invest in one.

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