Savory Shrimp with Fresh Herbs

Savory Shrimp with Fresh Herbs

One of the things that most great chefs know, is that sometimes the best meals are also the simplest meals. By combining the delicate and distinct flavour of savory shrimp with fresh herbs, this dish is simple but also nothing short of satisfying. In this recipe we saut some shrimp, add our veggies, then finally drizzle it with some lemon juice and olive oil for the finishing touches and voila... a perfectly simple and healthy weeknight meal for the whole family. Add this to a simple salad and you're all set! They also have a lot of great salad recipes too if you're wondering. So you could just choose a salad recipe of your liking right from the same website that the Savory Shrimp with Fresh Herbs comes from! I am sure you will find more than one recipe that you love! They are all really healthy as well as delicious too! So you don't have to worry about that at all. This recipe kind of reminds me of shrimp ceviche in a way, shrimp done up in a very simple way.

This recipe is perfect in the summer especially, since it's not hot. There's nothing worse than being stuck in a hot kitchen slaving over the stove while it's burning hot outside too. Save yourself from the heat, and do yourself a favor by sticking to this simple recipe for savory shrimp with fresh herbs. Shrimp are an awesome form of animal protein that gives us lots of nutrients, like protein of course, as well as zinc and iron. They are super lean as well, compared to other meats like red meats and even poultry. This site is chalk full of recipes that are good for you and taste delicious! There is really something for everyone, plus lots of great tips and ideas to help you stay your healthiest. Who says healthy needs to be boring?

This site certainly proves that theory wrong. Anyone who's interested in fitness and great food is going to have lots of reading coming up. This savory shrimp with fresh herbs recipe is just the tip of the ice berg of this site. Fitness, meal planning, weight loss, and shopping are all here as well. Organize the recipes by type and start reading through all of the great ideas. The hardest part is going to be choosing which one to try next! There are so many amazing desserts, appetizers, salads, slow cooker recipes, entrees, sides, soups and sandwiches, and even vegetarian options. And all of them are really health conscious. If you even have dietary restrictions because of a health condition, this would be an excellent website for you to go to and check out to get some recipe inspiration. Make sure that you pin it on Pintrest or bookmark it in your browser so that you can always have it handy.

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