Rustic Way Whimsical House Must See Photo Gallery

Rustic Way Whimsical House Must See Photo Gallery

We’re seeing more and more creative and unique tiny houses every day, but we’ve never seen one quite like the Rustic Way Whimsical House! You’ve got to check out all of the photos of this sweet little house – it’s made out of eco-friendly reclaimed wood, and really not much bigger than a child’s playhouse!

The Whimsical House was built by Dan Pauly, owner of “Rustic Way”, a tiny house building company in Minnesota. He stumbled upon this design when he was searching for ways to build a sauna structure that was popular in North America. That’s when the prototype for the Whimsical House was born!

He had no idea how popular this structure would be until he placed it near the road (he lived near a busy intersection at that time). So many people stopped to take pictures, and even dropped in to ask him about it, that he knew he was onto something big! These days, Dan’s building many more of these mini houses that range in size from 6 to 12 feet tall – everything from playhouses to larger guest houses. The Whimsical House is just the right size for two, with a space-saving bunk bed inside (sauna benches ingeniously transformed into bunks), a sitting area for your meals, and a stove heater.

Dan Pauly comes from a long line of wood-working artisans and he has a great passion for antique wood. He prides himself in creating high quality products that will last a lifetime! He dreams of creating a whole village of Whimsical Houses, and suggests we do too – one to sleep in, one for an outhouse, one for a kitchen – and don’t forget where it all began – one for a sauna, too!

For the full story of the Rustic Way Whimsical House, plus the must-see photo gallery, please visit Kent Griswold’s article at the Tiny House Blog, below!

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