Rustic Drink Coasters

Rustic Drink Coasters

Making your own home made Rustic Drink Coasters is a breeze and a great way to use up different parts of a log too! These look like little mini log furniture. If you are into rustic decor and wood working, than this is the project for you! This Instructable is a super easy and efficient way to make the most out of your building supplies if you have already made something with logs or you have some good logs laying around that you want to make into something. What a brilliant, eco friendly way to make something that you will use for years to come, or even make them for a gift for someone to remember you by every time they set their drink down!

The process as it is outlined is really quite simple, and easy to do. You could have your own home made coasters in just a short time, or longer if your epoxy them, so that the epoxy can have ample time to dry. They look quite nice actually, very natural and beautiful. You can see all of the tree rings which is like a piece of art on it's own! All you have to do is cut up a tree limb in to slices, just like you would a cucumber and then treat it with the epoxy, its as simple as that!

It would also be quite fun to etch the coasters with a wood burner, making them super personalized. You could put the family name on them, or just some fun symbols or designs. Maybe some wood burning etchings of trees or even animals in the area you or the recipient, if you are giving them as a gift, lives in. These rustic coasters would be an original and practical gift that would last for a long time! Head over to 'Instrucatbles' by following the link in the description below for more and make your own mini log furniture rustic drink coasters!

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