Rescued Bus Made Into Shabby Chic Rental In The Countryside

Rescued Bus Made Into Shabby Chic Rental In The Countryside

Now this is a super amazing idea! A Rescued Bus Made Into Shabby Chic Rental In The Countryside! This great bus has been converted into a little guest house on a couple's property in the English countryside. What an awesome idea, to turn a bus or a mobile home that may otherwise just go into the salvage yard, into a nice little guest cottage. If the vehicle can't run, but still has good bones, why not save it from the landfill, right? This bus looks like it had it's fun cruising down the highway at one point, but now it gets a second life as a bnb.

I love the way the couple restored it, removing the seats and putting in a little kitchenette, with a gas stove and oven, and a seating space, the perfect place to have a meal while looking out the window on the amazing country side view. The bus is situated on the couple's property and they rent out the bus as an accommodation to travellers. There is also a bed within the bus, although no bathroom, but they have a separate building for that. There is even a great little patio area to sit out on and enjoy their gorgeous property.

The fresh flowers from around their land might even find their way into your room when you stay there, a nice charming touch to an already very charming place to stay. This shabby chic rental in the countryside would be the absolute perfect place for a little vacation for a couple or even a small family with some wanderlust in their hearts. It would be like playing pretend as a child when we could visualize anything as a house! Wouldn't you love to stay here one day? Head on over to 'Tiny House For Us' by following the link in the description below for more great photos and more information on this darling little home away from home!

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