Randy Ghosts Prowl Welsh Roads to Seduce Drivers, Paranormal Author Claims

Randy Ghosts Prowl Welsh Roads to Seduce Drivers, Paranormal Author Claims

It was 3 o’clock in the morning when you got out from your friend’s house and decided to take the long impossible drive back home while barley-soaked from the last 16 shots of Flaming Dr. Pepper, and thought to yourself, “YOLO, right?.”

So you went on, making your best effort of driving slow and steady, but as you turn right on the next crossing, you came across this gorgeous, sexy, Megan-Fox-looking lady just standing at the side of the road with her face puzzled as if she’s lost or something. And since you’re one of those men whose inner gentleman trait awakens when drunk, you let this piece of heaven take refuge in the corners of your car.

Then it happened. What happened? You may ask. You got into an accident, of course. And nope, not because of the girl, but because of the intense reaction between being drunk, excited and tired.

Hallucinations tend to become more vivid when one’s being is in the state of falling asleep or upon awakening. This explains why our dreams tend to look so real at times to a point where our emotions are being affected. Our subconscious mind acts like a sponge where it absorbs all the things we encounter in a daily basis which are either very irrelevant to be noticed or too important to be forgotten, like the girl we mentioned above.

The minute you fall into a deep sleep, that sponge just pours everything making you a concoction of memories, realities and desires. The only downside is that we are in our most vulnerable state during this moment. Like most cases of Sleep Paralysis wherein the person tends to feel or hallucinate a demonic entity being present.

So the next time you take a drive alone and come across an innocent, goddess-looking lady waiting for a hitchhike, ask yourself first (drunk or not), “Is this for real? Or am I just being played by my imagination?” And let’s face it, why would there be such a lady all alone in the middle of nowhere?

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