Pump Water Without Electricity

Pump Water Without Electricity

What do you say about this water wheel that can pump water without the use of electricity? One thing: hero. That water wheel is my hero. I agree with that, bro! *winks* This spiral water wheel pump will help save you more money because it doesn't require the use electricity at all! Its all about the energy of flowing water, my friend. Let our precious electricity take a rest and allow the flowing water do its thing this time. I know you're dying to make this right now, but I would like to begin first with a little information about this water wheel. Alright, lets have the first round of info! *winks*

This water wheel or spiral pump, usually called as the Wirtz water pump, is a low lift pump which is composed of a long piece of metal plating, which is wound into a coil and sealed at the top and back extremities so as to resemble a cylinder. Spiral pump is commonly used for irrigation and drainage of lands. Spiral pumps are believed to have been created by H.A. Wirtz in 1746. It is said that Wirtz created the spiral water pump in order to provide water to a factory in Zurich. He is a pewterer from Zurich in Switzerland. Aside from that, only little facts are known about H.A. Wirtz. Anyway, according to Wikipedia, spiral water pumps can be a great alternative to Archimedean screw. The Archimedean screw cannot pump, unlike the Wirtz which can pump water horizontally. The spiral pump, if fitted with a suitable rotating seal, can deliver water to a greater height, typically 5-10m, above their discharge opening. Spiral pumps are also easy to build and repair. You don't have to need millions of dollars to create your own spiral water pump. All the materials needed to build such can be acquired from local resources.

If you like to have your own spiral water pump now, click Homestead Notes website below for instructions. Have fun! *winks*

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