ProtoHaus: A Tiny Home On Wheels

ProtoHaus: A Tiny Home On Wheels

It always amazes me how unique each tiny house and small home can be, from the exterior design and interior decorating, each tiny house has a personality of its own based on the vision of the owner and the builder. The "ProtoHaus: A Tiny Home On Wheels," is a perfect example of how simple design and decorating elements can go a long way into making a space original.

The ProtoHaus is a tiny house 125 square foot home on wheels. The tiny house is made from recycled and reclaimed materials, and was constructed with sustainability and functionality, and aesthetics in mind. The tiny house is built on a trailer bed rated to withstand 14,000 pounds. The tiny house uses separate fresh, and black water systems that are integrated into the design which allows for remote removal and disposal of waste. The tiny house has a solar power and a wind power system which allows it to be off grid. The gorgeous tiny house is 22 feet long by 8 feet 6 inches wide, and includes a 9 foot by 7 foot by 6 inches sleeping loft.

The exterior of the tiny house is covered in wood, while the inside is beautifully designed and decorated. The interior of the tiny house is painted all white, from the loft down to the floor, with white cupboard, white shelves, white fridge and stove, this gives the tiny house a feeling of space, it works quite well. The tiny house has a little back patio, and dormers to make the tiny space even more appealing. The tiny house on wheels has a bathroom, full kitchen with a double sink and efficient heater to heat the tiny space. This tiny house is a must see, with lots of photos on the site.

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