Prefab ZeroHouse is Off-Grid and Self Sustainable

Prefab ZeroHouse is Off-Grid and Self Sustainable

Who wants to come with me living off-grid? “Me!” Cool! High five, bro! *high fives* This ZeroHouse is off-grid, and it would be a perfect way to preserving Mother Nature. It is--- “Yeah! That’s great! But what’s off-grid, by the way?” *silence* So you want to live with me off-grid and you don't know what it is? “That’s right!” *smiles* Ok, so let me fill you in first. I will be kind to you today. According to our best friend Wikipedia, off-grid refers to ‘not being connected to a grid, mainly used in terms of not being connected to the main or national electrical grid.’ Get it? “Oh, that’s lovely. But what are the best places to live off the grid?” Good question.

According to Tara Carson, there are three best places to live off the grid: the Greater World Earthship Community in Taos, New Mexico; Twin Oaks Community in Virginia; and the Three Rivers Community in Oregon. The residents of Greater World Earthship Community in Taos, New Mexico live in homes that are powered by solar and wind energy. They call it Earthships. Also, the homes are made from natural, and recycled materials that are designed by architect Michael Reynolds. “The Earthship homes collect water and snow in reservoirs, and the water is treated and reused several times,” says Carson. These homes also manufacture biodiesel fuel.

Located in the rural central Virginia, the Twin Oaks off-grid community was established in the year 1967. The houses of the residents share one solar power source, and the residents also share businesses, meals and vows always to choose a sustainable living. “Residents work making and selling hammocks and tofu that they distribute commercially. They also do chores and maintenance around the property, including milking cows and maintaining the community gardens. The members share the business profits and receive a stipend and health care.”

Lastly, the Three Rivers Community located in central Oregon. Just like the residential homes in Twin Oaks and Greater World Earthship, this community also shares the same solar and wind power source. Water supply is brought in from town and stored in reservoirs. According to Carson, the people in this community enjoy their secluded living.

Well, those are the best places to live off the grid. Now that you know, are you still up living with this ZeroHouse? “Oh yes! Let’s order now!” Sure! But you pay for it, ok?

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