Pre-fab Guest House Cottages Costing only $8,500

Pre-fab Guest House Cottages Costing only $8,500

For many of us a summer vacation home is high on the list of things we would like, a place to get away and relax. These pre-fab guest house cottages costing only $8,500, are just the thing to help your vacation home dream come true!

Imagine a place you can get away to with family and friends, a retreat so to speak, something on a little piece of land close to the lake and forest trails. Sounds perfect if you ask me, as a child this is how we spent not only our summers, but fall and winter too, at our tiny cabin getaway. The site that I looked at made that dream seem even more attainable, these little pre-fab cottages are not only affordable, but as they are pre built all the work is done for you.

The tiny prefab cabins are available in simple designs, with different exteriors to choose from. The starting price is $8500 and this is based on the size of the tiny cabin, which range from 200 to 600 square feet. The tiny cabins have one to two bedrooms. For the people who already have their summer cottage and are looking for a private place where guests can stay, these cute little pre-fab cottages are perfect. With the trend towards small and tiny houses, a little guest or vacation cottage offers you all the space that you need, in a hassle free tiny house design where all the work is done for you.

I always find it amazing with these little spaces, how the use of fabrics, the type of flooring and even the wall colors can make the place feel just like your home away from home! All it takes is some textured fabrics on the pillows and throws to offer up a bit of comfort. It also helps to use quality building materials inside if you can. You might consider using some reclaimed wood, some metal, or stone for the floors, accent walls or a back splash. Just because a home is small doesn't mean you can't make up for it in style and design.

These tiny prefab cabins are just one of the tiny house designs you will find on the Tiny House Listings site. On the Tiny House Listings site you will find all sorts of tiny houses and tiny cabins for sale and rent from all over the country. You can search through the sites extensive library of tiny houses for sale and rent from locations all over the world. On this tiny house site you will find tiny houses and tiny cabins that you can browse through, and get ideas for tiny house vacations and tiny house decorating and decor ideas.

Some of the current unique tiny house listings you will find on the site include a Tiny House of 260 square feet for sale in the Petrified Forest in Arizona, a tiny house for sale in Texas, a Green Cottage on the Lake For Sale in White Lake New York, Colorado Tiny Cabin affordable and sustainable for Sale, a chic tiny shack model for sale, a tiny house for sale in Montana, a tiny house for sale in Ventura California, and plenty more. You will also find tiny house builders on the site, who can help you realize your tiny house dreams.

This is a fun site to see what sorts of tiny houses are available throughout the world. The site is also a good place to start is you are new to tiny house living. You can browse the site and look at different tiny houses from all over the world. You might even just rent a tiny house somewhere, and get a feel for what it is like to stay in a tiny cabin or tiny house. A tiny house is a great way to have a vacation space where you can get away for summer vacations and holiday weekends, a place where you can rest and relax and possibly be close to good hiking trails and fresh air.

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