Precision, Craftsmanship and Expertise Is What Sets This Log Cabin Apart

Precision, Craftsmanship and Expertise Is What Sets This Log Cabin Apart

When it comes to log home living, Log Home 32 is the perfect design to consider. Built with large logs, a nice outdoor patio, peaked roof and lots of windows, it's the type of log home design that could easily be enjoyed. Simple things like good outdoor lighting right below the roof line, nice landscaping and the log home's locations are all the details that take this beautiful log home over the top. Have you ever thought about what it would mean to live in a log home? Imagine living in a location that is close to nature, outdoor trails, mountain scenes and fresh, clean air. These might be reason enough to live in a log home. Then you have the wide variety of amazing log home designs to choose from, with everything from rustic log home designs, contemporary log home designs, and some that are both rustic and modern log home designs. Log home and log cabin designs only seem to keep getting better through the years.

A log home is a great way to live in a home built with renewable and sustainable materials. When you build a log home with a log home company that builds green, you know you are getting a log home that has been designed and constructed in a way that is environmental, economically and socially responsible. Something you can and should feel good about, especially when we hear so much about global warming and climate change. Using logs to build your home is a way to create something that is energy efficient, ecologically sound, architecturally pleasing and strong. You want to know that the wood and logs used come from forests that are well managed. This makes your log home choice a good environmental option. Log home builders and log home buyers from all over the world, are realizing that a log home build is a way to have a comfortable, healthy home that has lower energy consumptions and a better overall performance. Log homes also reduce the impact that buildings have on the environment, and on human health, when you consider things like design, construction, maintenance, site selection and demolition.

Building log homes and log cabins is an easy and natural way to help make a difference to the environment. Log homes and log cabins help to reduce the greenhouse gasses and stores carbons. Healthy sustainable forests are a readily available solution to climate change. Did you know that one acre of forest can absorb approximately 3 tons of carbon dioxide, and release approximately 2 tons of oxygen? Did you also know that logs and wood products also need the least amount of energy needed to manufacture, while having the lowest impact on air and water quality? Because wood is natural, it does not have any toxic by-products that are typically related to other types of building materials.

Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, Canada are a log home company that makes sure to give back to the environment and helps to ensure that the forest they use is thriving. They are committed to sustainability. A good majority of the wood they use comes from Western Red Cedar, a wood known for its beauty and durability. They take great pride in managing the reforestation and renewal of these beautiful and majestic trees. The future of their log home business and our futures depends on it. Each year they plant more than 200 million seedlings in British Columbia and 650 million throughout Canada.

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