Practical Examples for Full Usage of Tiny House Loft Spaces

Practical Examples for Full Usage of Tiny House Loft Spaces

If you love tiny home living you will want to take a look at this "Cabin Title 85" it is a stunning example of what tiny home living is all about. You could use a small cabin like this for anything from full time living, to use as a guest house or family vacation tiny home. This tiny home has two stories, with the top flooring most likely being used for sleeping, there are lots of windows, the tiny house is surrounded by beautiful forest, there is a patio on the front of the tiny house and you could use the bottom of the house to store odds and ends, like building materials and miscellaneous stuff.

When it comes to tiny house living you might wonder what you can do with s small cabin with a loft. Open lofts are space that is gained in a tiny house design by raising the roof line of the tiny home to a steeper pitch and covering part of the first floor with an upper level. In this particular tiny cabin is a 24 foot by 24 foot log cabin with the roof raised to a high pitch. Small cabins with lofts are unique spaces but have you ever wondered what they can be used for in a small home? The following are just a few of the example that you can use a tiny house loft space for.

You can use a tiny house loft space for a home office, for this you might want to include a sky light that will open up the space and let in some natural light. You might also include dormers in the loft space to make the space bigger and more useful. For a loft office space you do not need to be as private as a bedroom space would be, so the loft is definitely a good location. On this tiny house plan there were two sky lights added to the loft, the natural light floods into this loft, making the space very inviting.

Another idea for a small cabin loft is with the main floor of your tiny cabin being used as the living space, you might use the upstairs loft as a bedroom space for the kids, kids usually love the idea of having their room in a loft space, and you can add dressers, toy boxes and log furniture bunk beds. When the kids are old enough it feels like their own private space and they are sure to love it, they can hang out upstairs, and you might even put a television up there of them.

Tiny houses and small homes are more popular than ever before, and while they might be smaller in size they definitely don't lack in design. The size of a house is no indication to the amount of unique design features and ideas that can go into it. With so many tiny house designs to look at, you will constantly come across tiny homes and small homes that continue to raise the bar when it comes to any type of home design. It goes to show that design is about all aspects of a home, whether it be a larger sized home or a tiny home. It does not matter if the tiny home or small home is used for full time living, a guest house, a vacation home, artist studio, or writers cabin, everything that goes into a space is important. From the building materials you use to build your tiny home, to the property you choose to build your tiny home, and how you are going to complement that location that you are in. Tiny house design just keeps getting better and better. It makes you rethink the purpose and use of your home space, from how you are going to store everything you have, to what you see when you walk into a home and all the stuff that is going to be in your tiny house space.

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