Possibly the Most Stylish Off-The-Grid Barn You'll Ever See (It's Super-Efficient, Too)

Possibly the Most Stylish Off-The-Grid Barn You'll Ever See (It's Super-Efficient, Too)

This stunning Laramie Barn with living quarters is on the most beautiful piece of property on the grassy plains of the Wild Horse Ranch, located near Laramie, Wyoming. The wide open country, with no neighbors in sight, makes this horse barn all the more appealing. This cedar-finished horse barn had to be completely weatherproofed to accommodate for the extreme temperatures and strong winds. This horse barn features a luxurious 1,700 square foot apartment with granite countertops, a Corian shower, tile floors, and wrapped timbers. Not to mention the scenic views you will find all around. Downstairs in the barn, you will find three horse stalls that have automatic waterers, a wash and tack room, and a laundry room with a bathroom attached. This horse barn is completely off the grid because of the solar power and propane systems that was installed by DC Building. Making this horse barn the ultimate in efficiency and style.

It's pretty amazing to have a building this size as an off-grid build. Living off-grid typically means not being connected to a grid, mainly used regarding not being connected to the main or national electrical grid. Off grid can be a stand alone power system or mini-grids that typically provide a smaller community with electricity. Living off the grid can refer to living in a self-sufficient manner without the reliance on one or more public utilities. Off grid homes are autonomous, they do not rely on municipal water supply systems, sewer, natural gas, electrical power grid, or similar utility services. A true off grid home can sustain itself independent of all the traditional public utility services. As far as water goes, off grid water sources can include a well, stream, or lake.

DC Building is a barn designer and general contractor who travel all over the country building custom, quality, all-wood barns. The DC Building company offers an in-house design team that will ensure you'll be building a 100 percent custom barn that meets all of your needs. DC Builders uses only the best building materials from the great Pacific Northwest; their expert craftsmen will build a barn better, and faster. DC Building prides itself on using good quality timber. They only use the highest quality of wood, combined with their amazing workmanship to build your dream barn.Another advantage of timber frame barns is the fact that they can be built quickly, without losing any of the quality of the structure. DC Builders work together with each client to design their dream barn build. From the layout of the barn on the property to the barn floor plan, to the final barn finishes.

Some of the different barns you will hear about include Monitor barns. These barns are also known as raised center aisle or RCA barns. These barns feature a raised center section that has its gabled roof. The sides of the raised center aisle are often filled with windows to improve the ventilation of the barn structure and increase the amount of natural light inside. Gambrel barns feature two different roof pitches, one steep and one shallow. Dutch doors are another popular barn feature. These doors are divided horizontally, allowing the top half to be opened while the bottom half remains closed. These are a common addition to horse stalls; allowing light and ventilation into a room while keeping the animals inside.

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