Poco Edition Tiny Home only $28k Live Rent Free Mortgage Free

Poco Edition Tiny Home only $28k Live Rent Free Mortgage Free

There are many reasons for living in a tiny home, one of the most popular reasons might be that it allows you to own your tiny house outright. This "Poco Edition Tiny Home," in Delta, British Columbia is a perfect example of what you can get when you purchase a tiny house.

This adorable tiny house on wheels located in Delta, British Columbia is the perfect tiny house to experience small home living. The one bedroom, one bathroom 160 square foot tiny house makes the ideal tiny cottage space or for some a perfect space to live full time. There is a full size loft where you can fit either a queen or king mattress, the bathroom with its standup shower and beautiful new sink, is white with wooden window frames and looks modern and new. There is a small closet for storage, french doors and plenty of windows. The pine paneling inside is fresh and new, and makes the place feel light and spacious. There is a futon downstairs that converts to a bed, a kitchen with nice white cupboards and lots of counterspace with a sink and small fridge. The price of this 160 square foot tiny house is $28,000, you'll want to take a look, its a gorgeous tiny house.

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