Plan, Budget, Design and Build your Dream Log Cabin

Plan, Budget, Design and Build your Dream Log Cabin

Building a log cabin is a dream many people have, the thought of cosying up by the stone fireplace in a log cabin living room is a comforting thought and plan. This "Log Cabin 1," design is both beautiful and well built, complete with a stone fireplace and hybrid wood exterior.

There are many styles of log cabin homes to choose from when it comes time to make a building plan. This website is an excellent resource to help with the many decisions to be made when a log home is the style of choice. Included in this website you will find; plan (getting started), budget (budget calculator, mortgage calculator, cost saving tips), design (home tours, floor plan fundamentals, design options), floor plans (log home, cabin floor), build (step by step, who to hire, green building), furnish (decor, room ideas), maintain, companies and products, floor plans (barn and garage, floor plans, log cabin floor plans, hybrid log home floor plans, lodge house floor plans, luxury log home, ranch home floor plan, modern log home floor plan, traditional log home floor plan).

There are different styles of log homes to learn about when choosing what appeals to you most, the types of log homes are; full scribe, which requires the most skill, its very labor intensive, logs must be scribed and hand cut, each log to match contours of log below; chink style, notching only corner intersections of each log, horizontal joints sealed with a synthetic "chinking" material to create weatherproof structure; log hybrid, uses conventional construction, along with both structural and non structural log elements, structural and decorative log trusses, log roof structures, log beams and floor joists, "handcrafted" log siding, log porches, log stairs and railings, log mantles and custom milled beams to 45 plus feet.

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