Pioneer Moon Ranch - Steve McQueen's Idaho Ranch

Pioneer Moon Ranch - Steve McQueen's Idaho Ranch

Ladies and… ok, gentlemen, please give way, just for a few minutes, for the ever gorgeous, and the one and only ‘King of Cool’, Steve McQueen! Ladies, prepare and contain yourselves because today, Steve McQueen will win our hearts and will once again live with us through his Pioneer Moon Ranch. Would you like to talk about the Pioneer Moon Ranch with me and Steve McQueen? “I would love it!” Great! Come and sit with us. *winks*

This Idaho Ranch, also known as the Crazy M Ranch, was once owned by Steve McQueen. The property has a perfect and breathtaking view of the wilderness and the meadow. The ‘King of Cool’ and his third wife, Barbara Minty lived in the ranch months before McQueen passed away from mesothelioma. McQueen is the one who sighted the property after stopping for a picnic with Barbara. And with that, McQueen falls in love again for the fourth time, but with the 500-acre property and buys it right away. Originally, when the property is bought, they were not only planning to build a ranch house. “We had a creek running through 480 acres, and planned to build a ranch house and an airplane runway,” Barbara says to the television talk show host David Letterman, as quoted in Mother Nature Network’s website. Unfortunately, the airplane runway plan remains a plan. But Barbara was able to build a luxurious two-bedroom log cabin following her husband’s death.

Currently, the luxurious log cabin links to a 1,700sq ft annex. The 1,700sq ft annex is added by the current owners when Barbara sold the house in 1999. In 2004, the new owners decided to remodel the log cabin. The house now has a “large stone fireplace which creates a cozy atmosphere in the living room”, a library, and bar. “Another recent addition is a four-bay garage but while the living area may have all the mod cons, the 500 acres of wilderness, including a stream that feeds a rainbow trout fishery and attracts moose and elk, still provide a perfect rural retreat.”

Now is McQueen’s time to give you a grand tour around his ranch home. Click the Mail Online’s link below and have fun! *winks*

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