Pioneer Log Cabin from $101,000 Click to View Floorplans and Photos

Pioneer Log Cabin from $101,000 Click to View Floorplans and Photos

If you've ever dreamed of living in a log cabin or log home, you have probably thought about where your log home would be located and the type of log home you would like to own. This Pioneer Log Cabin from $101,000 Click to View Floorplans and Photos is a great place to start, if log home living is something you are interested in.

This Pioneer log cabin is beautiful both inside and outside, and available in a wide variety of sizes, to accommodate every need and budget. The Pioneer log cabin starts off at 22 feet by 30 feet and goes up to 28 feet by 48 feet. The log cabin is a great size for a whole family to stay, along with guests. On the main floor of the log cabin is a master bedroom, along with two other bedrooms, a mudroom, two bathrooms, and an open Great Room area that has a kitchen/living room and dining area. This log cabin also has a covered front porch; it's a nice and simple design, that the whole family will love.

For our family, the log cabin built by my grandfather was where some of my favorite childhood memories took place. It was a time when my brother and I could venture off, take the boat around the lake, and hike trails and old homesteads in search of history and ancient relics. The log cabin was on a remote lake, and it was only my grandfather's log cabin and two other log lodges on the lake. The log lodges rarely had visitors, and when they did they would fly in by float plane, and fly out with barely a notice. As a child, the log cabin was where my brother and I learned so much about nature, and developed a deep appreciation for it. From the lake in which we swam, the loons that flew or swam beside our boat, and the occasional moose we would see on our journey to the lake. Even the frogs, the fish, and the fireflies they all held a certain bit of magic.

A log home or a log cabin is a great opportunity for a family to spend time together and create family memories, having children grow up in the city; they don't always get the chance to be around nature, and a log cabin in a nice location is a good place to start. Today in this fast-paced world in which we live, we need to take moments to be around nature, so we don't lose that connection. It's important, it makes us appreciate the world in which we live, and it makes us want to take care of it. Once children have that experience they can come back to it time and time again, even when they aren't around it because they will remember the time they spent at the log cabin, or hiking that trail that they loved. As great as all the technology is that we get to experience every day, we also need time away from it, to create a balance.

Shawnee Structures is a small family run company established in 1999. They specialize in building quality log homes and wooden structures to be used by business owners, homeowners and people that are in need of quality wooden buildings. The company's goal is to offer and build quality log homes and wooden structures at affordable prices, with an emphasis on quality. Being a family business that only has ten people working for them, they can give good personalized service and have more control over the quality they put out. They offer all sorts of log cabin packages, storage sheds, camping cabins, garages and mini barns to choose from. You will find animal sheds, small log cabins, large log cabins, and more.

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