Picture Perfect Log Cabins

Picture Perfect Log Cabins

Now-a-days, you can see Picture Perfect Log Cabins everywhere on the internet. You may even want to build your very on escape and oasis from the city. There are a few different ways to build log cabins, and the most frequent way is with a kit. Unfortunately, the "kit" way has some unforeseen issues you should be aware of. First, log home kits can require complicated and expensive "springs and bolts" to "offset" any settling problems. Cabin kits can be pre-built, meaning that basically these homes are "built twice" and this labor is "hidden" in the bill. Companies first assemble the kit in their yards, essentially building the home you order, then the structure is disassembled, shipped to you, and then it is re-built on your property. A good rule of thumb is if it is that easy to take apart and rebuild, the structure is inherently weak.

The style that the website 'Build log homes' states is preferable is: Butt and pass log homes. You have probably never heard of this style, but you should be aware of its advantages if you are thinking about owning a log home. This style won't settle like log home kits do, therefore eliminating expensive springs or mechanism's to prevent settling like kits. Then, this Butt and pass style only uses natural logs, meaning they haven't been manufactured or milled therefore these process are less expensive! This style uses zero notch-work. You avoid Key-ways, slip joints, and screw jacks(expensive to install, difficult labor and hard to fix if anything goes wrong). Another key point is your home is actually built 100% on your property and is code-compliant and earthquake resistant. You can use a variety of wood, but some wood has more benefits than others. Some wood should be avoided completely, like wood with strong odors or heavy dense "wet" wood that is harder to work with and wood that has knots that shrink and dry out and then fall out causing hole and leakage which leads to expensive repairs to fix rot.

As log homes can be built on almost any terrain, these are still ideal and a great way to own a home without a 30 yr mortgage. In fact, there are even seminars on how you can BUILD you OWN home and become and owner-builder. If you are interested to learn more about this art form, or are interested in building a home for your family, make sure you stay informed via the Log Builders Association at Build Log Homes and the link below!

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