Pickle Barrel House: Definitely One Of The Most Unusual Small Homes You've Ever Laid Eyes On!

Pickle Barrel House: Definitely One Of The Most Unusual Small Homes You've Ever Laid Eyes On!

There are plenty of amazing homes in the world, but none can compete with this strange, yet neat Pickle Barrel House. Yes, that is right, it is a house that looks like a pickle barrel. But once you see the other amazing and weird buildings in this post from Oddee, you will definitely see that there are far more interesting buildings in the world than some of the ones we see in everyday life. Its just really amazing to me how people can just come up with such an amazing idea and just run with it and build the manifestation of something that was just once an idea.

That is why the world of architecture is so fascinating, we see all of these pretty simple buildings and think that that is where architecture begins and ends, but that couldn't be further from the truth really! Even architects and designers from way back in the day like Gaudi, for example, were breaking the barriers of architecture and thinking outside of the box. The buildings he designed and created are still masterpieces that people from all over the world go and see to this day. There is an art in architecture that people are so drawn to.

To me, architecture is totally an art form mixed with practical aspects. We need buildings to live and work and learn in, but who says they have to be boring? Why not come up with something spectacular that is going to inspire the people within to live more enjoyable lives! That is why architecture is such an amazing part of our society. It has the capability to reach people ways that other professions and industries can't.

You must check out these seriously out of the box houses, they are incredible! I love the sea shell inspired one in Mexico and have seen that one in books before. I think that it is an adobe house, which means its made from earth - soil and water and clay mix. I also love the Frank Lloyd Write house called the Falling Water. It was built all the way back in 1935, over a waterfall and still looks as majestic as ever! There are other ones that are just hilarious, but prove the point that we don't have to take everything so seriously in life. Like the toilet building, which is so funny but perfect for it's purpose. Head over to Oddee by following the link in the description below for more!

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