Perfect Little Guest House in Sonoma’s Wine Country

Perfect Little Guest House in Sonoma’s Wine Country

There are so many beautiful places around the country to build a tiny home or cabin, whether your location is lakeside, oceanside, riverside, in the forest, in the country, mountainside or in the desert, each spot is sure to have something unique and special about it. This "Perfect Little Guest House in Sonoma's Wine Country," is a beautiful place, in an amazing location.

This 400-500 square foot guest house in Glen Ellen, a small part of Sonoma, in sunny California, was designed by Rohleder Borges Architecture, and has an open layout, with the bed, living and kitchen area combined. The bright kitchen cupboards are perfect for this place, that gets lots of sun, and beautiful weather. This is an excellent website and resource for all your tiny home questions, articles and inquiries some of the great stuff that can be found includes; lots of tiny house stories, cob cottages built from local and sustainable materials, aluminum tiny house, passive tiny house, gypsy wagon, Uhaul truck "Taj Mammal" motorhome, plans, workshops, tiny homes for sale, tiny house plans, floor plans, roof decks, places to get shipping containers, container homes, Napa wine country small houses, do it yourself house plans, prefab houses, prefab cabin and home design plans to name a few.

Once you start to look into small home design, it seems like everywhere you look you hear or read something new. Just this morning I saw a village of tiny homes could help ease British Columbia housing crisis, I think from here on in the tiny house movement is only going to gain in momentum. It's an excellent way to pay for your home outright, have some money in the bank, and live the life that you want, rather than working your whole life to pay for a huge mortgage.

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