People Love This $16,000 Economical Wooden Villa

People Love This $16,000 Economical Wooden Villa

Have a look at this new design for an economical log house with the great price of $140 - 350 USD per Square Meter. When you are thinking about building a house, you definitely want to go about it in the best way possible, that will give you the house you want, but staying within your budget. Being able to order log home packages can save a person some money as well as time and energy. There is a lot of time that can go into finding the right materials, and then cutting them all to size to build the log house. Whereas with log house kits, all you have to do is purchase the kit and all of the materials are already cut to size and ready to be assembled. The log house kit manufacturer has already done all of that work before the supplies are sent to your building site. They also usually construct the log homes in their workshop beforehand to make sure all of the pieces fit together and then they are disassembled and packaged up to be delivered to the log home building site. Once at the building site, the contractors or the client themselves will be able to then piece together the log home. The prefab log home kits also save a lot of time in construction since everything is all ready to go. Some smaller log houses can be build within a matter of weeks or a couple of months, whereas the custom built handcrafted log homes take longer since all of the materials are handcrafted.

The house model from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Co., Ltd. , is a very classic house model that would fit in well in any setting. So it could be built out in nature or in a city and look beautiful no matter what. As you can see in the photos, like any home, you can choose the exterior colour of the house as well to customize it to your style and personality. Picking the building site for you log house should be well thought out. You can choose flat land or land with hills, but know that the foundation will require more design work to be implemented into a hill. The flatter the land, the easier it is to build and design the home. One thing that people often don't consider is the foundation for their log house. The customer is required to get the foundation done before the log house is built and the foundation is usually not the log home manufacturer's responsibility, nor is it usually included in the price of a log home kit. The other thing that people don't think about is after the log home is all built, you have to maintain it. The maintenance of a log home consists of making sure that the logs stay as dry as possible. Extra moisture can damage the logs if it stays on them for too long and this moisture can cause some mold or rot issues. The reason that mold forms is because the moisture mixes with dust, so keeping the logs less dusty is also key. You can spray down the logs of your home twice a year to maintain it or more if you live in a really dusty area.

With some of these things in mind, you can build a fairly affordable log house and keep it beautiful for years to come. Check out some of the other plans from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Co., Ltd on the Alibaba website. They have plenty of plans and designs to choose from that will suit a variety of needs.***

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