People Love The $17,000 Bright and Spacious Log Home, Click to View Floor Plan

People Love The $17,000 Bright and Spacious Log Home, Click to View Floor Plan

This 2016 well priced wooden house comes at the great price of $140 - 350 USD per square meter. Prefab log home building kits are a great way to build the house of your dreams. Log houses and buildings have existed for thousands of years creating homes, barns, churches, schools and more. In the Americas, log houses have became sort of a classic American and Canadian icon. Associated with living out in nature and enjoying the outdoors. Log houses were created long before the pioneers started to settle on North American land when they first arrived from Europe. The Swedish people brought their time honored building techniques from their homeland, and used their knowledge of log home building to build the first colonies. The settlers would make use of the materials they found in their immediate environment, this made it convenient and sustainable. Since the trees grew so abundantly, they became one of the best resources for building. Also stones were used in home building because of their availability and durability. Also, some of the Native tribes that already lived in North America, were already making very good use of the logs for some of their houses, ceremonial buildings, and statues and canoes which provided them with easy transportation.

This prefab home model, is one of the houses from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company. This is a mid range size of house from the company and would be great for a small or medium sized family. This one appears to have a lot of space in it, with a great front and back profile. The exterior is beautifully designed, and looks somewhat like a classic victorian style house that we would see being built in the 1900s here in North America, but that were being build before Europeans had even started coming over to Canada and the United States. A beautiful large deck is a key feature on this prefab log home kit model. The deck and patio space provides the perfect place for some chairs and some nice plants and flowers. The back of the house is quite simple with another exit out the back into the back yard. Another patio could be built on after the house was constructed, or just some patio stones and a nice big garden in the back yard.

The company also has larger prefab log home models and kits on the Alibaba website as well. So, if you want a larger home, there are other options and sizes for floor plans on their website. They also have smaller houses and log cabins as well that could work great for a smaller house, recreational cabin or a lane way house. Log houses are a wonderful choice when it comes to buying or building a house and prefab log home building kits are a great way to go about building a log house. Log houses are known to very energy efficient as well, since logs have a high thermal mass and they make wonderful insulators, keeping warm air in and cold air out when it is colder outside.

The prefab home kits are made in Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company's factory Zhejiang, China. The logs in the kit are Russian Pine or SPF wood, which is square lumber or dimensional lumber that is manufactured to fit together to construct an air tight building. All of the pieces of the prefab kit are wrapped separately and labeled so that upon arrival, the customer can easily put the pieces together. Usually people will be able to build their log home building kits on their own or with some help from a friend or family member, but people also hire out contractors as well.***

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