People are Talking About This $62,750 Timberline Log House

People are Talking About This $62,750 Timberline Log House

Here we are featuring the $88,400 Timberline Log Home with 4 spacious bedrooms. Perfect for a family to live quite comfortably in, or even perhaps to use as a large recreational cabin to retreat to for holidays. Living in a log house is a dream many people have, with affordable log home building kits like this Timberline log home kit, fulfilling that dream is made easier. The price for an 8 by 8 complete package of this log house model is $95,500. The complete packages from Coventry Log Homes, include practically everything you need to build the model you order. The Sub Floor package included in the kit includes all of the joists, frame work, insulation and T&G pine hardwood flooring, plus stairs. Then, the Log Wall System is also included in the log home kit, the kiln dried logs are manufactured with a tongue in groove self sealing system, plus they have all of the pre-cut openings for the doors and windows already set in place. The dormers for this log home kit will also be included as well as doors and windows that you see in the model. Another nice feature of the complete package is the decking comes with the kit too, which is not always included in every log home building kit.

Another part that isn't always included is the materials to finish the interior walls. The complete package from Coventry Log Homes includes everything to complete the interior walls including the T&G Pine Walls and Ceiling. They also offer interior door options as well. The roof system is also included in the package with rafters, exposed tie beams, insulation, and architectural shingles or a metal roof depending on the client's preference. Another nice option that can be chosen from is the shape of the logs, round logs, chink, clapboard or D shaped logs, as well as the corners either being dovetail or spline post corner. The items not included in the packages are the home's foundation, any basement support posts, masonry, like the fire places, plumbing and heating, electrical, kitchen cabinets and countertops, appliances and furniture. All of that is up to the client to sort out and arrange to be done. If you are thinking of purchasing a log home kit, be sure to know what is included in a kit and to ask lots of questions until you understand the log home building process properly. Many people go into purchasing a log home kit without knowing too much about what they are getting into, and before they know it, the price they were hoping to pay increases more and more. Be clear about your budget, and keep it in mind as you are choosing your log home kit.

Coventry Log Homes has a great selection of log home kits and models to choose from in their collection. They sell kits for small log cabins, and for luxury log homes and timber frame homes as well. The timber frame homes from their Timber Frame Series are built with structurally insulated panels, also known as SIPs that are pre made before hand, and then implemented into the post and beam construction. All of their logs are hand crafted, and they use only the highest quality of wood in their log home building projects. Cedar wood is also an option that is available for every log home package they offer for an additional cost, but for most log building projects pine, spruce or fir woods are used. Enjoy having a look through these amazing log homes and cabins and be inspired by the beautiful log houses in their collections.***

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