People Are Going Crazy over This Classically Beautiful Log House for Just $29,000

People Are Going Crazy over This Classically Beautiful Log House for Just $29,000

Beautiful Professional Wooden Cottages with CE Certificate for $140 - $350 USD per Square Meter are available for sale online through Alibaba, an online world trading site. The internet has opened up so many options for us to share and sell things around the world. It has given us the opportunity to purchase a house from overseas and build it on our own land. As we can see, the prefab log home kit industry is thriving. These days, people can look through many floor plans and designs for log homes, all of which can be purchased through the internet, making it easy and efficient. The virtual world of log house buying is steadily continuing to grow, with log house building companies all around the world, and prefab log home kit manufacturers like Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company. When you see this log home kit model from their collection you see just how beautiful these log houses can truly be. This house is a great example of some of the larger prefab log home models. These log houses are perfect for a larger or mid sized family to live in full time, or perhaps to build as a large recreational cottage or vacation house.

Each of the logs in a prefab kit like this one, is cut perfectly to its appropriate size, in correlation to how they will be stacked. So the log that stacks on top of another log will have a groove on the bottom of it that will help it to fit snugly with the log below. The logs are also grooved and notched at the ends creating a tight fit like a jigsaw puzzle. The reason this is done is so that there are no spaces left between the logs which would allow air to get in. The logs are fit together to create the tightest fit they can have, with some allowance for shifting and settling of the log house. Because of this tight fit that is created, log homes can retain a lot of heat in the winter. As well as the fact that the logs themselves have a very high thermal mass rating, meaning that they contain heat very well. Log home kits are a wonderful log home building option that took off later in the 20th century. Before the 1900s, there wasn't really a market for log home kits since people were still in the practice of building their own log houses from scratch. As the interest and demand for log cabins and homes increased, companies began forming that pre fabricated these beautiful kits to make the log home more accessible to people who wanted their own.

Even though the log cabin is a very popular American and Canadian icon, log home building didn't start in North America at all. Log home building has been happening since ancient times. Many of the wooden structures that were built in past years were for the less well off people, while the marble and stone houses were reserved for the more financially well of citizens of a town or country. When people came over to North America from Europe, they needed reliable, warm house to live in. The Swedish people were the first to build log houses in North America in the 1600s. The first colony on the east coast of what is now known as the United States of America held some of the first log houses. The Swedish taught other European settlers how to build these resilient structures and the rest is history. Now we can purchase a beautiful home like this one from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Company and have it delivered straight to our building site to be built.***

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