PDF Catalog of the Cutest Tiny Homes is a Must See!

PDF Catalog of the Cutest Tiny Homes is a Must See!

Summertime in our family usually means a time to get away out of the city and travel somewhere where we all can enjoy a little rest and relaxation most often in a place closer to nature and the great outdoors. This quite often entails us finding a rustic lodge home or cabin to stay in and delight in all that it has to offer.

As kids we were fortunate enough to own a log cabin that our grandfather had built years earlier, it was situated on an island in a beautiful lake that you would have to take a boat just to get to. The cabin wasn't huge just two rooms one that served as the living room, kitchen, pantry and dining area complete with wood stove, and the other room with enough beds for everyone to sleep. We were so busy most of ours days swimming, boating, water skiing and playing outside we barely noticed how small the cabin was, as we were always outside. The cabin was comfortable and cosy, and although it was rustic with its logs and wood stove, it had everything we needed.

Tiny homes seem to be gaining in popularity these days, they prove fun to decorate as there is less space to contend with. They make sense and with a well thought out design, it's easy to make it work. Pull out beds serve double duty as couches, the trick is to have a place to put everything. What's especially nice about smaller living spaces is that there is less to clean, which is really nice, not to mention that having a smaller space makes you want to get outdoors more often to enjoy the fresh air and all that your area has to offer.

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