The Dogbox is one of the most exquisite houses ever--- “Dogbox? Are you---” Stop. I know what you are going to say next, my friend. And I’ll tell you. It’s not what you think it is. Alright? “Ok.” Good. Do you want to know more about this house with a unique name? “The ‘Dogbox’ really interests me. I command you to inform me all about this dwelling.” Yes, sir! Your wish is my command! So now, let us take a look at Dogbox and get a tiny bit of information about the people behind the making of it. *winks*

Ben Mitchell-Anyon, Sally Ogle, and Tim Gittos are three fresh Architecture graduates from New Zealand. They wanted to get real hands-on experience by building a house with something that was not part of the Architecture education. The three architectures were able to start their careers by designing and building a house. And now, here comes their first project, the Dogbox. Dogbox has been featured in many articles and a magazine. It was featured in Dwell Magazine, Dominion post article, and Whanganui post article. It was also a finalist for the Home of the Year in 2013, and the winner of the Cavalier Bremworth 'Unbuilt Architecture' Awards in 2012 under Work-in-Progress category.

The three architects have spent many months searching for affordable land. They also resorted to cheap and recycled materials for less expenses. Some materials were kept in their raw state. The house looks complicated but it is just a basic two-storey rectangular box house. The house contains two bedrooms, a veranda and a series of decks. There is also an indoor and outdoor bathing area. The architects have decided to not have any inside hallway upstairs. The only circulation path from the top of the stairs to the two bedrooms and bathroom is through the verandah.

“I want to see this Dogbox right this moment!” I’m on it, my friend! Just click on Small House Bliss website below to see more photos! I know you’ll love it! Have fun! *winks*

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